Play as a new explorer trying to reach the end of mysterious dungeon. They say reaching the end grants untold riches, wishes, anything you could possibly want. Armed only with your trusty dice, you set out to be the next explorer to reach the end. These dice have never done you wrong before, what could possibly go wrong?


Move: [Arrow keys], [ILKJ] or [Left Joystick]

Throw Dice: [Z] ,  [Space] or [Bottom Face Button]

Use First Item: [X], [D] or [Right Face Button]

Use Second Item: [C], [A] or [Left Face Button]

Windup and throw your die.  The timing of your release changes what side the die lands on. Each side of the dice has a different effect. Some effects are good, some are bad. Dice also can do damage midair. You can talk to characters to learn more about the world.  The same die you use in battle, lets you pick dialogue. 


AverageStardust - Programming

Ren - Design / Writing

Nobody5050 - Programming / Level Design